investor purchases

Off-market, unlisted inventory and tight relationships within the design-build community confer tremendous advantage in the field of investment real estate. Organizing complex deals and lining up all the key players is something I'm passionate about. Coastal San Diego is a haven for incredible properties. The demand is here, the talent is here and quarterbacking the ventures from start to finish gets me up every morning.

When it comes to investment purchases, Jim McInerney is your agent. With extensive knowledge of new construction, remodels, rebuilds, flips and acquisitions, Jim has assisted scores of buyers in every type of purchase scenario.

Having worked with over 40 investment companies and builders over the last 15 years, Jim locates subject properties, researches and compares best use cases, and provides initial budget and timeline evaluations. Up and down coastal San Diego, Jim concisely explains CCR’s, educational opportunities, and neighborhood attributes pertinent to each investor’s criteria.

Within his expansive network, Jim collaborates with architects, designers, land use attorneys, contractors, and specialists including geo-technical engineers, mold and damage experts and stagers. Fast but always thorough, he stays on top of the market to find fitting acquisitions, streamline purchases, and guide his clients through the complexities of the design, build, remodel, or rebuild process.

” We trust Jim to be our eyes and ears in the luxury markets. He is our sales soldier on the ground. His passion for remodeling and building is like no other agent we have come across in our 7 years, and hundreds of properties we have rebuilt. His numbers are tight and respected in the industry. He has represented us in 23 transactions recently ranging from $600,000 to $3,500,000”.
– Dan Wright, Director of Acquisitions, CT Homes, LLC

Jim and his team have proven time and again their ability to uncover hidden gems (especially unlisted properties), extensively renovate them, and then sell them again at the top of the market. Each time this occurs, Jim strengthens relationships in the design-build economy, realizes substantial proceeds for his clients, and delivers state of the art dream homes to new buyers. With a decade and a half in the business, nothing could be more gratifying.

​​​​​​​With an essentially secret reserve of off-the-market homes, Jim provides an enormous advantage to discerning buyers. Investment procurement is an art, and one most often practiced by experienced buyers and realtors alike. By sidestepping competition from the general public, Jim leads his clients to remarkable opportunities and sets the stage for investment success.