Meet the team

Welcome to coastal San Diego real estate. Generations of spectacular homes built in such stunning surroundings has created a residential market unlike anything else in the world. Such exclusivity demands exceptional knowledge and service - the two pillars upon which we’ve built our agency. With an unyielding commitment to integrity and customer success, we are here to guide your real estate sale or purchase with professionalism and care.

Navigating San Diego’s competitive market takes initiative, diligence and local knowledge. With few exceptions, your home is your largest investment, and the process of selling or securing it must be handled with the utmost care. We cultivate close relationships with our clients, enabling all parties to prevail; and that is exactly what we’re known for.

The Jim McInerney Real Estate Team combines energetic customer service and aptitude to locate and negotiate the ideal property for our clients. Through our partnership with eXp Realty, we provide an advantage in terms of visibility, leverage and exposure. In this way, we confidently understand the full range of opportunities and carefully close in on the few that meet our clients’ criteria.

Without exception, communication with our team is cordial, accurate and personable. Your calls are always taken, your concerns are likewise addressed. We aim to create trust, preserve transparency and ensure fantastic outcomes in every deal we undertake. We’re honored to lend our passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to your coming venture.