The TC Company

Wendi Molina and Annie Alessio
​​​​​​​Transaction Coordinators - Unlicensed

Wendi Molina

Annie Alessio

Wendi Molina and Annie Alessio have been in the Transaction Coordination Business for over 30 years combined. They bring experience and dedication to their industry having processed over 5,000 transactions in their careers. Wendi and Annie support the Jim McInerney Real Estate Team by making sure all of the required documentation is completed and signed as needed for each file.

Wendi Molina has been a Transaction Coordinator since 1997 and a member of the team since 2014. She is also an instructor for the California Association of Realtors training agents and Transaction Coordinators on contract management. She has over 30 years in the Real Estate Industry and has resided in San Diego Country since 1989.

Annie Alessio is a native San Diegan, and has been in Real Estate for over 15 years. First as an agent, then as a Transaction Coordinator since 2008 and has worked with the team since 2014. Her experience as a Realtor allows her the knowledge of the importance of the paperwork to be able to be the best at her job.