Why McInerney

It’s in our blood to deliver a new level of service to real estate, and it’s our purpose to bring true personal connection back to how business is being conducted. We aspire to make real change within our industry and pledge to fearlessly lead by example day in and day out.

Owning a piece of San Diego's coastal property is an aspiration for most, and we believe it should be met only with the most exceptional experience. Real estate is one of the most substantial investments one embarks on, and equally one of a person's largest assets when it comes time to sell. Although we acknowledge money is an important factor in doing business, it’s not our sole purpose. We believe focus should remain on serving the client and going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

No matter how much technology improves access to the real estate market, there will always be a real need for trustworthy agents to confidently bridge the gap between buyer and seller.

We believe in finding the balance between classic values and modern practice to create symbiotic relationships that last, where the power between client and agent is equal.

Our work extends far beyond just buying and selling homes, It's about actualizing dreams.